About the Book

  • Dot really wants a puppy – but on her 8th birthday, she is given a robot dog instead! If she can train this robot dog, then she will prove to her parents that she can handle a real live dog. How hard could it be?

    Follow along with Dot as she is introduced to some of the logic, reasoning, and structure used to program robots – as well as the importance of curiosity and never giving up!

    Will Dot be able to prove she is ready for a real live puppy?

    This is a picture book for ages 5 to 8 (or adults who are still young at heart!)

    Buy the Book

    “If: Ball, Then: Catch” can be purchased online through our Square website (click here). It is available in both hard cover, soft cover, and PDF versions, in both English and French.

    Alternatively, you can purchase the book in the following locations:

    1. Amazon Kindle
    2. Ottawa: Octopus BooksBooks on Beechwood, Canada Science and Technology Museum
    3. Edmonton: Telus World of Science

    News and Reviews

    Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2020 Finalist, shown here

    “Schoepp and Evans hope to inspire all children—especially young girls—to be fearless and adaptable, and to never stop exploring the world around them.” – APEGA, article here

    “I think that kids of any age will like to read or listen to this book.” – Lydia (age 6), Reader Views Kids, full review here

    “It is creative, whimsical, accessible STEM learning and beautifully illustrated!” – Maria, posted on the Indigo website here

    “This kind of book will play a role in demystifying what is programming.” – Planetjon (code scientist), full article here

    About Us

    Katherine Schoepp, Author

    Katherine is a biomedical engineer. She has worked with robotic prosthetic arms, scoliosis braces, and blood test devices – and has spent over 12 years volunteering with students to build enthusiasm in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) field. She enjoys learning new things, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. Katherine recently became a new mom and is looking forward to reading many books with her son!

    John Evans, Illustrator

    John is a retired engineer and physicist, father to three, grandfather to six, and a lifelong artist. He continues to explore topics of modern science such as neural networks, artificial intelligence, programming, computer-aided design, and 3D printing. John enjoys grand-parenting, reading, cartooning, painting, and exploring the outdoors.

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