3D Print Dot, TC, and the Heavy Lifter Robot

3D printing is a really cool way of building objects based on computer designs. We learned about 3D printing in a few previous posts:

In this post we wanted to share the new 3D models we have been working on! If you would like to 3D print these models yourself, start with downloading the 3D printing files by clicking on the links below (or by going to Thingiverse). Try asking your local library, school, or science museum if they have a 3D printer you can use. If you can’t find a printer, 3D Hubs is a neat company that will help you find local businesses to do your 3D printing – though it’s certainly more interesting to see the 3D printer in-person!

Here are the 3D printing files for Dot. If you want her to be able to stand up, you will need to attach her onto a base (we screwed her feet onto a small piece of wood, but you could also use hot glue!).

Here are the 3D printing files for the Tin Can robot. Each of his arms and legs can move. If you are finding them to be too loose you can use some tape or sticky tac to make them a bit stronger.

And here are the 3D printing files for the Heavy Lifter robot. We put a black screw in the top of his head to represent his antenna (which you can also use to hang him from the ceiling!), but you could also use a pipe cleaner.

We hope you have fun printing these characters!

This activity is based on the book If: Ball, Then: Catch.

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