Discussion Questions About the Book

We have put together a list of discussion and reflection questions based on our book If: Ball, Then: Catch. We hope these might inspire further thinking about the concepts introduced in the story!

  • What personality traits do you see in Dot? Are any of them traits you see in yourself?
  • What is an example in your life where you made a mistake and then learned from it?
  • When is the last time you worked really hard to earn a reward?
  • In what ways is Sparky like a real dog? In what ways is he different?
  • Would you prefer a robot dog or a real dog?
  • In what other situations might it be useful to have a robot dog for a pet?
  • What kinds of upgrades can you imagine for Sparky?
  • What do you think would be different if Sparky was a robot cat? Or a robot bird?
  • How do computers and programming impact your life?
  • How do robots impact your life?

 This activity is inspired by the book If: Ball, Then: Catch.

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